Vlašská Street

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Vlašská Street

Have you done all the important sightseeing? That means you've probably seen a lot of concrete, towers, turrets, cupolas and churches, and you've come across just about all the architectural styles. Maybe you'd now appreciate a short walk into the green to boost your energy. Come with us, we know a way!

You get into a maze of narrow streets from the Lesser Town. You instinctively choose the one named Vlašská, it's pleasantly steep and winded. After a while you'll see the line of historical houses slowly transforming into a wall, suddenly blocking your view. You kind of feel like climbing it, taking a rest and looking for interesting sights of the town in the distance. You might want to complain to a friend about human relationships. You'd be neither first nor last to do so; this is where the famous scene from Loners was shot.

After you've rested and grumbled enough, let's move on. After a few steps, the street will turn left and a staircase will show up in front of you. It might take you all the way into space. This is where Jakub and Vesna discussed extra-terrestrial powers. But don't worry, you won't find aliens around the next corner, only the greenery we promised you instead!  


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