The Janáček River Bank

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The Janáček River Bank

The river bends as the banks want it to bend - the first is an orchestra, the latter its conductor. The river moves at all paces, yielding to weather at all times. However, it never forgets where it's headed to. For a while, the river Vltava seems tamed by the Prague banks, but don't be fooled, this is not where its waters would stop easily.

As you watch and listen to the great mass of water pass you by, you're suddenly caught in contemplation. Don't be surprised, the Janáček River Bank has its own philosophical spirit.

The river Vltava seems to be dancing, as if it stole its moves from the Dancing House, standing proudly on the bank. This is where we meet, this is why there's a connection between us, like it is between the two city banks and the Jirásek Bridge. It is precisely in these parts that Jiří Macháček and his film girlfriend Jitka Schneiderová had their little philosophical debate in Loners.


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