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In Czech, the expression "vzít do zaječích" means to "cut and run". If you're a petty crook from Prague and need to lie low for a while in front of the police, where else would you go than to a village named Zaječí? And when it's located in one of Moravia's most known wine regions and surrounded by lovely nature, all the better.

You can have a rest in one of the local wine bars, in the one that hid the three characters in the film Grapes, for example. Although, it would be more accurate to say they were dragged in here. With a tractor. Their old red car can only take so many accidents in one day, but no worries, the car will be taken care of. Local car mechanic Pepa is an ace when it comes to this brand.

If vineyards alone won't be enough to make you fully happy, you can try fishing in the pond Štěrkáč or take a walk to the nearby mound Kalvárie. On its top, you'll find a small chapel and an observation tower Dalibor, providing marvellous views of the surroundings.


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