At The Lusatian Seminary Street

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At The Lusatian Seminary Street

At the Lusatian Seminary Street (U lužického semináře) isn't as popular and frequented as the Charles Bridge, under which it leads. You can nevertheless still very much enjoy a nice walk on the cobblestones, whether you're with your loved one, your family, or whether you're a loner.

The name comes from the beautiful late baroque house, originally a seminar for priests of the historical region of Upper Lusatia. This, however, won't be the only reason for your visit!

The street is split into two and surrounds a small park, in which the tall clock post provides an ideal meeting point for a blind date. After all, that was its role in the film Loners. Things didn't exactly work out perfectly in that case, so be sure to meet up on a different spot, or try to come on time at least!

Or you know what? Never mind love, go to the other side of the park. Can you see the two-storey little house with the pink frontage? This was the home of two little plasticised octopuses from a very popular Czech film for children. Just make sure not to come too close to the windows, or you could have a piano landing on your head.


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