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When Honza runs out of petrol, he receives help from a jolly winemaker Michalica (Václav Postránecký). He immediately catches Honza out, not by the number plate on his car but rather by the quirky accent the Prague fellow tries to imitate. If he's as good at working on vineyards as he is at imitating local dialect, there's much to look forward to.

The Nové Mlýny Reservoirs are three reservoirs behind the Nové Mlýny Dam on the Dyje River, built to help local agriculture and prevent floods that had occurred yearly. The entire cascade has various functions - the upper part is touristic, the middle part is the Věstonická Reservoir, a natural preserve with small islands for bird nesting, and the low part serves for electricity production, irrigation, but also windsurfing or fishing. This giant water structure's obstacle had been the village Mušov which got swallowed by water later. The only thing that remained was the Church of St. Leonard on one of the islands. It can be spotted in the film when the main protagonist gets stuck by the reservoir with an empty petrol tank. The scene was filmed directly on the dam, but it isn't actually advised to stop on the same spot, due to safety reasons. Should you decide to make a stop, though, be sure to do so at either one or the other end of the dam.


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