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Wine cellars

The village Vrbice is beautiful on the outside, but wait until you see what hides on the inside. A sweet surprise. And semi-sweet, dry and medium dry as well. The local winemakers needed so many cellars that they built a few of them on top of each other.

A legend says that local wine cellars, the oldest ones in the Czech Republic, used to serve as hideout during times of plundering raids. Just like Honza's grandfather's cottage served as hideaway for the two petty crooks in the film Grapes.

In this region, finding a beer opener may prove as a tough task; on the other hand, wine openers are abundant and are found in every household. However, how do you fit in when you're not exactly a wine lover and drinking it gives you heartburns? The key is finding the right kind a of girlfriend and knowing how to talk about wine properly: "Smell the fine breeze in a dandelion field, together with fresh violets and primroses."

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