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Dolský Mill

Imagine the pristine nature in one of the most magical regions of the Czech Republic. Your mind is at ease, not a single worry on your mind. You're with your beloved one, surrounded by nothing else but a beautiful forest and fresh streams of crystal water, flowing peacefully, together with the rustling of the ubiquitous trees providing an ideal soundtrack to your ears. Could the day get any more perfect?

Michael (David Cross) and Hanna (Kate Winslet) run through the serpentines sided by wooded hills. The idyllic image culminates when Hanna, wearing nothing but vintage underwear, sinks into a pool of crystal clean water surrounded by rocky walls. Does the place sound familiar? No need to travel far, the seductive scene was shot in Czech Switzerland, in a canyon of the Kamenice River near Dolský Mill.

Kate Winslet was awarded an Oscar for her role of Hanna in the film The Reader. She's had previous experience with cold waters in another film, called Titanic. Unlike Leonardo di Caprio, her beau in The Reader doesn't drown to death. On the contrary, the lovers splash water over each other playfully, leaving the hard times of their lives for later. Why don't you visit and do the same?

Apart from the Hollywood picture, the location of Dolský Mill appeared in another film, a legendary Czech fairy tale, Proud Princess (Pyšná Princezna). If you have the chance to watch it, pay close attention to the scene when the king and his princess put their annoying pursuers into cloth sacks.


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