Jewish Cemeteries

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Jewish Cemeteries

The signs on shop windows and café doors, denying access to Jews. The stigmatizing yellow stars are on the cards. What can you do on a sunny afternoon, when most of the passers-by give you nothing but hateful looks? It's best to take a walk.

Imagine the following - while you're free to move around the town as you like, your beloved one is only allowed into designated places. What would you do? Would it get your blood boiling? Or would you rather obey given rules not to bring danger upon the person you love? This is the dilemma of the main couple in the Czech film from the WW II era, Protector.

They eventually chose to walk around the Jewish Cemeteries that Hana ironically called The Jewish Wenceslas Square. She was right about a few things - the cemeteries are the largest ones in the Czech Republic and you'll find important pieces of history in this place, for example the tombstone of Franz Kafka or of Czech poet Jiří Orten. The new-Renaissance wedding hall is also to be found here, built by architect Bedřich Münzberger, or the one in functional style by Leopold Ehrmann, among other historic sights.


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