Malá Chuchle

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Malá Chuchle

War or not, the sporting spirit of the First Czechoslovak Republic is still alive. The clubs of the Sokol movement have been dissolved long before, but that's no reason not to do a bit of working out. Fans of water sports in Prague are infallibly drawn to the river Vltava. As was Emil, the main protagonist of the film Protector.

Grassy banks, overshadowed by patulous treetops, and ideal access to water, this is what the left bank of the river Vltava looks like in Malá Chuchle. Here, you're both in the city and the nature. Emil came down here to clear his head and do some rowing, why don't you try it yourself?

Swimming areas are perfect for confidential meetings. Public space is sort of intimate. That's what Věra, Emil's mistress, bore in mind when she came to meet him to discuss their relationship. Water flowing peacefully and leaves rustling in the breeze are simply inviting you to sit down and contemplate on everything that's on your mind; your conscience, for example, as in Emil's case.


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