Trade Fair Palace

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Trade Fair Palace

Vacant expressions of people who seem lost within themselves. Whispers and suitcases that say it all, no words needed. A hand passes occassionally over the yellow star sewn to a jacket. A few loud German commands cut sharply through the air and the silent crowd starts to move. This was the so-called Radiotrh.

In the period of prosperity of the First Czechoslovak Republic, there were exhibition halls called Radiotrh standing next to the Fair Trade Palace (Veletržní palác). During the war, the Nazis transformed them into a deportation centre, the largest one not only in Prague, but in the entire Protectorate. This is where Hana's steps took her, resigning on fate.

Her film path is a true copy of the actual trail. She approaches the meeting point by the Fair Trade Palace by taking Veverkova Street, leading into Veletržní Street. The spot, where Emil tries to stop the passing transport of Jews which Hana is part of, is equally real. Reality and fiction are sometimes bound by icy ties, which is only proven in the film Protector.


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