Palacký Square

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Palacký Square

If you're attracted to the melancholy of the old days and places with echoes of various legendary events, then you'll fall in love with the town Počátky. Even today, you can still find the slightly pale sign "U Modré hvězdy" on the facade of the former hotel on Palacký Square. The pub doesn't boil with life as much as it used to, but the genius loci is still present.

Famous scenes of the strict manager of the brewery Francin and his beautiful but unrestrained wife Maryška were shot here. While he fumes with rage over the quality of draught beer, she drinks a whole pint with a smile on her face, and points out that it needs to be a little colder. It's not hard to guess who was in charge here, whether it was Maryška riding a bicycle with wind-blown golden hair or Francin with his motor bike that never stops fuming. The hotel U Modré hvězdy also impressed Jan Svěrák who used it in his film The Ride. The Czech series The Visitors was filmed in the interior.


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