Palacký Square 29

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Cutting It Short

Moravia and Silesia


Palacký Square 29

The original meaning of the word "postřižiny" is a ritual of hair cutting. The film Cutting It Short wreathes around Maryška's hair, coming down to her waist. Who knows what would happen to Francin and his brewery administration hadn't his wife cut her hair in the fashion of Josephine Baker, and her husband hadn't punished her in front of the whole advisory board?

Maryška and her hair have a key role in Cutting It Short. The scene in which she rides her bicycle to the hairdresser doesn't even look like Czech cinema; it's a piece of art of European measure. Just remember Amacord by Federico Fellini - the moment the barber pushed a scamp, whose hair is only half cut, out of the door, only to have time for another haircut that requires true skills. The house that served as the hairdresser's in the film is still standing in Počátky.


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