Vodičkova Street

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Cutting It Short

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Vodičkova Street

If you feel like visiting places associated to the film Cutting It Short, places where beer and pork for breakfast substitute coffee and cakes, where shortening is a hobby (whether it's hair or furniture legs), the village Počátky is the right spot to begin with. The idle atmosphere can be easily transformed into a world where anything is possible. You'll only need your imagination.

Not only the actual places, used for filming purposes of Cutting It Short, made this film a Czech classic. The people of the village Počátky contributed a great deal as well, and could participate in the story's illusion for a while. Come see for yourself. Maybe you'll run into someone who used to be an extra in the film - it could be one of the boys with his hair cut only halfway! You say the hairdresser's shop no longer exists? Never mind that. Some houses and their facades are flaking off a bit quicker than they did in the film, others, on the contrary, appear a bit too flashy. Whatever it is, it's in places like this that you can vent your imagination as you please.


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