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The Dalešice brewery

The Dalešice brewery has quite a moving history and has witnessed various kinds of events in its 400 years' long existence. The most joyful period must have been the shooting of the film Cutting It Short, in which the beautiful Maryška and the quirky Pepin came up with all kinds of shenanigans, thus slightly driving the manager Francin out of his mind.

Director Jiří Menzel didn't choose this location accidentally; he shot another of his films, Who looks for gold?, in the surroundings of Dalešice only a few years before. In Cutting It Short, he even gave a small role to František Nikodém, a renowned brewer at the time. The environs of Dalešice are generally well popular among filmmakers - a few scenes from František Vláčil's Markéta Lazarová were shot not far from Chateau Třebíč, and Chateau Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou served as a backdrop for The Scarlet Pimpernel, a famous British TV series.


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