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East Bohemia


A small village square with a chapel and a few historical houses in the middle of the picturesque countryside of South Bohemia. This is what Ražice looks like. It's also an important crossing station on the way from Pilsen to České Budějovice. The good soldier Švejk also travelled through it.

It was about here that he was ordered out of the train headed to České Budějovice, just before someone accidentally pulled the emergency brake. The famous soldier was sent off on foot. It's fine, like this, he has all the opportunities to walk through the Czech countryside, beautiful as a painting. The walk around the Ražice Lake really does look like it has been painted. Švejk puffing out smoke from his pipe, willows and hazelnut trees by the pond, wetlands and flocks of protected birds and plants - it hasn't been proclaimed a natural monument by accident. You're welcome to immortalize similar pictures with your own eyes, or your camera lens.


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