Vitěšovice - Vanished village

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I Dutifully Report

East Bohemia

Vitěšovice - Vanished village

Most of the local houses are missing both roof frames and external walls, but only until Švejk's visit in the service of the Emperor in the film I Dutifully Report. The carpet bombing of his jokes was lethal even for the local church.

You can begin your search of the vanished village Vitěšovice in the military training area Boletice. You don't have to be in the army to gain access; suffice to visit over the weekend, when dozens of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails are open to the public. The place where Vitěšovice once stood are only showing rough foundations of what used to be houses. Naturally, it's not the most famous Czech soldier who's responsible for this catastrophe, the village burned down in May 1945. The locals noticed black clouds over the village on their way from the fields, but before they could get to it, it had burned down to the ground. The village was rebuilt in a very short time, but its inhabitants were later displaced during the times of the forced expulsion of Sudeten Germans after WW II. The village was suddenly without people, and began to decay. During the filming of the bombing, it was only a controlled demolition of those remains, including the tower of the former pseudo-Renaissance church.


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