East Bohemia


The village is joined to the nearby Ražice by a narrow road. Missing the connection? It's found on the railroad in the direction to České Budějovice, and gained fame especially in literature. Yes, this is Putim, the setting of part of the stories about The Good Soldier Švejk.

There's no better place for authentic filming of a picture based on a book than the one actually mentioned in it. Švejk's entire stop really was set in a village called Putim. You can also find his statue there nowadays. In Putim, you're invited to sit by the river Blanice and contemplate in silence, occassionally disturbed by the sounds of the water flowing. Architecture lovers will appreciate the St. Lawrence's Church or a culturally protected bridge. Švejk himself didn't get to walk around much, as he spent most of his time in the local gendarme station, in an interrogation room. Oh well...


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