Heřmaň u Písku

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Heřmaň u Písku

On your way to South Bohemia, you'll notice a small village called Heřmaň. The gables of homesteads built in the style of rural Baroque rise on the left bank of the river Blanice. The most famous Czech soldier was taken to his regiment through here in the second episode of the film adaptation of The Good Soldier Švejk.

Well, taken... if it was to be so, he shouldn't have been put under the control of a Putim guard who gets "drunk as a skunk" on their way, as Švejk would say. More like a cow, to be honest... the guard is so inebriated that Švejk has to lead him on a leash, and just outside of Heřmaň he's nearly mistaken for a local farmer's cow.

It's recommended to take this trip in sobriety, so you don't get mistaken for something else as well. If you're interested where did Švejk and the guard balance on the narrow footbridge, walk approximately a kilometre from Heřmaň towards the train station. The stream is somewhat more overgrown with weeds nowadays, so once you do find it, make sure it's not the moment you're already standing in it.


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