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Have you been wondering where the Cosy Dens of film families Kraus and Šebek were located? It's no secret! You can find their shared house in the neighbourhood of Košíře in Prague, hidden on Schodová Street. Let's take the steps together and follow in the footsteps of the Czech cult film.

You'll see Mr Kraus, portrayed by Jiří Kodet, several times in the film. Together with his wife they mock the totalitarian system and he scream the famous line out the balcony: "Proletarians of all nations..." If you're not sure how the line ends, ask any of your Czech friends or acquaintances, they will surely help you out. By the way, this line wasn't even initially in the script.

Some believe that karma always shows you which way to go or what to say. While Mr Kraus is gradually losing his wife due to her illness, teacher Eva parts ways with yet another of her suitors, slowly succumbing to the fact that her son Péťa will have to do without a daddy in life. She has no clue that it's Mr Kraus who's about to become her destiny. He's just on his way to school to meet her at the parent-teacher meeting!

What way should you take to Košíře? Try Plzeňská Street, one of the oldest routes in Prague with electrified tram railways. With a bit of luck you might run into Ondřej Trojan, the producer of Cosy Dens!


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