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Cosy Dens




On the corner of the streets U Malvazinky and U Sanpozu, you'll find the entrance to Malvazinky, a Prague rehabilitation clinic. In the film Cosy Dens, the building served as a student dormitory where the handsome Elien was staying. The doctors from the respiratory department must have been truly thrilled with teenagers smoking outside.

Yes, it was in this very porter's lodge where Elien accepted overseas phone calls and received the cool presents all the way from America. With such a bunch of hip clothes, the Beatles posters and Hollywood films you simply have to be a heart-throb. You don't even need to try hard, leave that to others, your opponent Michal for example. Just look at his ghastly shoes and haircut!

You're free to take any pair of shoes you like when you come here. Malvazinky was originally a municipal colony, and only little is known of its past. Don't hesitate to ask the locals, though, they might tell you a story or two, or give you suggestions on where to take your next walk. Maybe to the Malvazinky Cemetery. There you'll find the tombstone of Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa, founder of the legendary Czech band Plastic People of the Universe. It was formed in 1968 and was soon after in strong dislike of the communist regime, the heavy atmosphere of which is omnipresent throughout the whole cult film.


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