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On the village square, you will find the Romanesque St. Wenceslas' Church and its Baroque parish, considered one of the most interesting constructions in Loděnice. This is where Miloš Hrma walked by on his way to his very first shift as a new railway dispatcher, and contemplated the professional careers of his ancestors.

During WW II, the bells and other metal parts from this church, such as crosses, were used for gun manufacture. The lightning conductor faced equal fate. It must have all happened in times when young dispatcher Hrma used to walk by the St. Wenceslas' Parish to the train station, an occupation which proved fatal for him.

The church is within spitting distance of a former magnificent villa, called by the locals no differently than "the chateau". It was built for a respected Prague hotelier and enterpriser. Today, you'll find it deserted, decaying and overgrowing with weeds, together with the adjacent vineyards. The place, however, is an ideal destination for brownfield land lovers.


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