Mladá Boleslav


Central Bohemia

Mladá Boleslav


Massive iron gate, endlessly high and long walls of grey concrete and kilometres of barbed wire. It looks like a jail. It is one, too, although nowadays it only serves for filming purposes.

Although it is no longer a jail today, you can still feel certain anxiety within its walls, as though the entrance door should remain closed forever. When you eventually leave the place, you suddenly feel relief, like being released after spending fifteen years behind bars. This is the kind of feeling that Jan Dítě experienced in the film I Served the King of England.

If you're a Tom Cruise fan, you won't be easily crushed by the local grimness, instead you will stroll around, excited to know that your favourite star walked around in the very same place while fighting the bad guys - the famous Hollywood blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was also filmed here.


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