The Municipal House – Restaurant Art Nouveau



The Municipal House – Restaurant Art Nouveau

A beautiful appearance both on the outside and inside, that is often the goal of the modern man. Similarities are applied also in architecture, and in some cases we witness successful execution from more than 100 years ago! The Municipal House (Obecní dům) in Prague, one of the most prominent buildings designed in the Art Nouveau style, is existing proof.

Once you're building something on land once owned by Czech kings, you do need to make sure that the result is worth it.

It isn't just beautiful, it also has significant history. The Municipal House has been the setting of many important events. The independency of Czechoslovakia was declared here, and one of the first meetings with the communist party during the Velvet Revolution in November 1989 took place on the spot.

A beautiful building with significant history deserves equally classy staff. Take the headwaiter, for instance, who served the King of England himself and knows precisely what the guest desires! Yes, this is the place where Jan Dítě met His Majesty in the film I Served the King of England. The French restaurant in the Municipal House played the role of the restaurant of the very hotel Paris!

If you're planning twelve flat exchanges, as Rudolf Hrušínský did in Ball Lightning, make sure the movers don't loiter too much while they admire the Municipal House! Some of them will surely pass it by, as they did in the film. Reserve enough time for yourself and enjoy your visit. It is definitely worth it.


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