Central Bohemia

Slapy Castle

When you hear Slapy, the Slapy Dam and its numerous romantic coves and natural sceneries instantly spring to mind. But from the cinematographic point of view, there is one place even more praised - with its beauty, the castle in Slapy has already won quite a few film roles.

When approaching the castle, your eyes will fall upon an oval pond. If you watch its surface closely, you will see a slight ripple. That'll just be memories coming back to you, memories of dressed wealthy people, naked wives of German soldiers and war veterans missing limbs bathing! The film I Served the King of England offers a range of various views of the castle. The most beautiful one is the one you experience in person.

After you've entered through the door, you will feel the rich and colourful history running through your body with your first breath. Habermann and his family from the film Habermann’s Mill had a christening party of his child here, until it was interrupted by an SS officer Kozlowski. Authors of a popular Czech TV series První republika (The First Republic) soon came to realize how very convenient this location is, they even used its services twice in the production - it represented a first-class hotel and a brothel.

What will you see when you come visit? Let that be a surprise!


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