The Jizera Mountains

Šumburk nad Desnou

North Bohemia

The Jizera Mountains

Šumburk nad Desnou

If you travel north, you will reach the most northern mountains of the Czech Republic. Take a hike around the peat bogs, continue to the highest peak Smrk and you will realize what gave the mountains their name; the river Jizera rises below it. Now that you know how the Jizera Mountains got their name, keep on going, there is still so much to see!

You will most surely be interested by the lookout tower on Ještěd, atypical in appearance. It looks like it's about to take off to its home planet any second! Observation towers in the area are abundant, and so are the exquisite views.

Hiking and cycling trails take you by historical small houses, most of them built in times of the Sudetenland in the first half of the 20th century. Jan Dítě from the film I served the King of England spent his old age in one just like these. It used to be a pub. If you're lucky, you might find it on your way from Tanvald or Velké Hamry, and have a pint or two. Just don't expect anything special.

The only thing waiting for you on the site will be the foundations. This doesn't mean the house hadn't actually been standing there! The greatest Czech inventor and philosopher of all times, Jára Cimrman, had never been seen either, yet everyone knows who he was and everyone is certain he existed. There is proof - the nearby Lighthouse of Jára Cimrman or the Museum of Cimrman's era, for example. Both places are very much worth visiting!


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