Karlštejn Castle

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A Night at Karlštejn

Central Bohemia

Karlštejn Castle

Introducing Karlštejn is almost needless; it's one of the most popular destinations of all lovers of castles and chateaux. Typical is the outline formed by variously tall buildings, and the light walls in contrast with the dark roofs. These exact towers inspired songwriters in the production of the opening song of the film.

The staircases interconnecting the individual towers are also an inseparable part of the castle. This is where the squires ran around in their search for women aliens - Empress Eliška and Alena, the burgrave's niece. The jagged walls will remind you of King Peter of Cyprus, sitting around, playing his lute, or plotting with Steven, Duke of Bavaria. You don't need a guide for the Chapel of the Holy Cross; suffice to remember the archbishop describing various paintings to the above mentioned gentlemen. The bailey will forever bear the image of women rushing inside through the open gate. The burgrave's predictive words were: "Something will happen here one day." It has and it will. Don't miss out on it.


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