Strahov Monastery – Library

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Strahov Monastery – Library

The library of Strahov Monastery is yet another place where history blends with film illusions. In the music archive you can have a look at valuable copies of a few pieces of Mozart's music. The interior of the library also appeared in Miloš Forman's film Amadeus.

The monastery library preserves its spirit of education, which is only a step away from conspiracy. All the secret knowledge, confidentially passed on from generation to generation - isn't this enough for the place to be the matrix for genius? You're welcome to your own opinion in the library's interior.

As you walk through Strahov Monastery, make sure to stop in front of the unique organ. Its keys have been touched by the brisk fingers of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during one of his many visits in Prague. The hallways also served the Three Musketeers from the famous British TV series.


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