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Divided We Fall

South Bohemia



It is said that hope dies last. In the beginning of WW II, the Jews could still believe their confiscated property would be returned to them. A few years later, all they could hope for was surviving. Like the families that sent their sons into battle.

It's 1939 and a Jewish family is forced to leave their luxurious villa with only a handful of belongings. It's 1943 and a barely fifteen year old son of a Nazi functionary is going to the front. None of them will ever come back to the villa again. They're having a picnic somewhere beyond our reality. Unlike the film, the real destiny of the house is more cheerful - today, you'll find a nursery here.

From there, you can head out and explore the time-honoured Jaroměř. Make sure not to leave out the town museum, located in the former department store Wenke & Son. The building designed by Josef Gočár in the early 20th century is one of the prominent historical sights of modern European architecture.


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