The Estates Theatre

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The Estates Theatre

The Marriage of Figaro. Mozart's triumph, the key to the heart of the Czech audience. Don Giovanni. The opera Mozart dedicated to "his" people of Prague. Both pieces share an important place, The Estates Theatre. The first one used it as a backdrop in the film, the other as the venue for the world premiere.

Let's play a word association game - when you hear The Estates Theatre, what springs to your mind? It will probably be Mozart or writer Josef Kajetán Tyl and his famous song "Where is my home" ("Kde domov můj"), the national anthem of the Czech Republic. The Estates Theatre is to this day deeply connected to Mozart's operas and classic drama. You can experience a piece of the famous opera history in person.

The interior of the theatre was used for shooting the film Amadeus. It was here the film emperor told Mozart that he should cut a few of the notes in his piece. The young composer was then quick to ask which few did his Majesty have in mind.


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