Jungmanova Street

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Divided We Fall

South Bohemia


Jungmanova Street

Imagine hiding for two years in basements, attics and cubby-holes and relying on the help and patience of others. David, a Jewish fugitive, experienced just that at first hand.

The exterior shots of his film hideout were filmed on Jungmanova Street in Jaroměř, home of the Čížeks, a married couple. The street was fitted out with sets for filming so you won’t find the corner shop, for instance, there today.

How must it have felt to have risked one’s life to hide a Jew during WW II and to have done everything possible to avoid inviting any unwanted attention? How terrible then must it have been to have one’s subterfuge mistakenly taken for collaboration following the war? Luckily, things turned out well for Josef Čížek in the end.


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