Zdeňka Němečka Street

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Divided We Fall

South Bohemia


Zdeňka Němečka Street

We can’t judge somebody without knowing their motivation. Some are simply incapable of overcoming fear for themselves or their loved ones, while others employ it as a façade to hide their resentment.

The scene in which the fugitive Jew David looks for a hiding place under cover of darkness was shot in Josefov. The twin towns of Jaroměř-Josef offer an interesting contrast. Jaroměř is an ancient settlement that grew up on the confluence of the Elbe, Úpa and Metuje rivers. In comparison the former Baroque fortress of Josefov creates an almost stark, militaristic impression.

On organised tours of Josefov visitors can take in underground passages, part of the ramparts and a lapidarium. When the fortress was still in operation, M. S. Patrčka – patron of Czech conjurers and founder of Europe’s first theatre of magic – served there.


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