Central Bohemia


This out-of-the-way spot northwest of Prague comes to life every year on June 10. It has been that way since 1945, when over 160,000 people gathered here to honour Lidice’s fallen men, women and children. Though their lives will never come back, their stories live on.

Filmmakers have played a role in immortalising these terrible events. The scene depicting the memorial ceremony for the village was the only one shot at the actual spot where Lidice used to stand. Over 500 unpaid extras, including one female survivor, took part. Perhaps you’ve seen the scene in which the mob drive Karel Roden out. In the picture he plays a Lidice man who only survived as he was serving a jail term for killing his son. The screenwriter can’t claim credit, however – it’s a Lidice true story. You needn’t plan a visit to coincide with the memorial; the only monument to the victims is worth visiting at any time.


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