North Bohemia


A village with no more than two hundred inhabitants can fool you by pretending it has nothing to offer. A small square with a dominant church and a few timber houses, a small train station... it looks as though time has stopped here long ago.

This is exactly how the village Zubrnice appears and it does a good job doing so. The timber houses around the church form the smallest open-air folk museum in the Czech Republic, and you might witness a special train running through the local station, a train that is not often seen nowadays. This, mind you, is a railway museum, and you can arrange for a ride in one of the historic trains yourself.

Zubrnice has a rather sad film history, especially one of the houses could talk gloomy stories if only it could. The women and children of Lidice waited for their tragic fate in it. And the other houses? Actor Karel Roden paid them several of his visits during the filming of Lidice and Guard No. 47.


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