The execution wall

North Bohemia


The execution wall

Chcebuz is a common village lying between Litoměřice and Mělník. While looking for film locations, the filmmakers went through countless photos and pieces of material, and were surprised by the striking resemblance between the silhouettes of the village with the one of Lidice. This is where the most powerful scene of the film was shot - the execution of the men of Lidice.

The German soldiers are finishing the preparations. Nothing must be left to chance. This isn't an act of passion; on the contrary, everything is precisely planned. The soldiers are leaning mattresses and pallets against the wall. The men of Lidice are well aware of what this means. Rest, rest for eternity. Nevertheless, they march to the wall with pride and with knowledge of their own innocence. On their way, they are forced to pass by the unburied dead bodies of their fellow-inhabitants. In reality, this scene was repeated over twenty times, until the town of Lidice lost every single man living in it.

In the film, we witness the killing of approximately fifteen men out of the overall 173 executed. Director Nikolaev knew that showing anything more was needless. Look at the spot where the massacre took place for the second time for filming purposes, and pay a silent tribute not only to the victims, but also to the filmmakers who succeeded in providing such a true portrayal of human pride, of the men of Lidice standing fearless before death and before their very executioners.


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