Roudnice nad Labem

Central Bohemia

Roudnice nad Labem

You're passing the sign Roudnice nad Labem. You've just entered one of the oldest towns in the Czech Republic. It has gone through a lot; two world wars, for example. And the filming of the picture Lidice.

Your instinct will follow in the footsteps of film heroes and lead you to the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. You won't have trouble finding this Gothic monument, as it is the dominant feature of the northern part of the town. One of the walls is bordered by a staircase where Anička from Lidice set up a meeting with a presumed Resistance fighter Pepík Fiala. They discussed their other plans in the gardens. Roudnice nad Labem used to be even safer than Lidice, although not fully out of danger, as it became a bombing target towards the end of the war.

When you walk around the town that has found its peace, you won't feel the military spirit in the air anymore. It has become a proud and prospering place for life.


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