Františkovy lázně

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West Bohemia

Františkovy lázně

Come for a cure (or to hide). Or unwind while listening to a spa orchestra. Fill your cup at a mineral spring and admire the wonderful parks. Trust us, the world famous Františkovy lázně has a great deal to offer.

Patients suffering from physical problems or the maladies of the age. Spa buildings, a colonnade. Healing springs and spa orchestra concerts. Pain and solace. That’s Františkovy lázně. In the film Kolya it is here that Louka and the little boy find refuge from an inescapable threat. Safety. A reliable friend. A place to live together. A mosaic of days filled with the hope of permanence.

Gently fluttering leaves herald the end of summer. Autumn brings an end to old times. The calm before the storm. The journey is nearing a fateful end. Have you registered the sweet tones of the melodies from the bandstand? Look closer. Who’s that sitting behind the cello?


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