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South Bohemia



True romance of tramps. The delicious smell of grilled sausage, the river Vydra spashing over pebbles onshore. The night call of a little owl? You feel pleasant chills over your body when you can't fall asleep in your tent.

How does one deprive a child of his trauma, after he's abandoned by his own mother? How does one replace the child's dismal thoughts with a happy childhood? These are some of the main subjects of the Czech film Kolya.

Musician Louka made a wise decision. He took the boy away from the hectic city, far from the oppressive atmosphere of the crematory. He decided to heal little Kolya's soul on a romantic camping site near the village Srní. The Antýgl Autocamp, shaded by tall spruce trees, washed by fresh streams onshore.

We suggest you try the nature in Šumava and its therapeutic powers yourself. First by watching the film, then coming here for a personal visit.


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