Petřín Park

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Petřín Park

Even if you happen to suffer from vertigo, surpass your fears and climb the "Eiffel Tower of Prague", Petřín. Just like little Kolya, you'll be rewarded with a bird's eye view over the city that will literally take your breath away.

You can some here and check whether there are truly hundred city towers below. Are you not keen on counting? Have you had enough of views onto the hollow-tiled roofs of Lesser Town for one day? Then it's time to move forward and take a romantic walk in Petřín Park to the places to where Kolya was headed, until the camera stopped following him. In case he didn't have the chance to explore the rosarium, stroll on the pathways connecting the aged trees around, and didn't inhale the intoxicating scent of surrounding bushes in bloom, he must surely be sorry about it today.

What about the sculpture of poet K. H. Mácha? Rumours have it that it comes to life in the month of May and recites sweet poetry to lovers from his most famed masterpiece, poem Máj (May). You think it unlikely? Just ask František Louka. He'll be happy to find time for you, especially if you're a blond female under thirty.


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