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The angel in the gable gave its name to a house, the house u Zlatého Anděla gave its name to an intersection. A place and a name, a connection for many years. First subway trains passed underground, the corner house disappeared and the old spot got a new prosaic name - Moskevská. The trains kept passing and Anděl was sentenced to oblivion.

It all happened in a split of a second. The boy's attention was distracted by a cute puppy, the grown man's by a beautiful girl, and their paths have separated. The metro. Moskevská station. Hundreds of people, sounds, smells and looks - among them a defenceless and helpless boy, lost because of Louka's irresponsibility. A moment that can't be rewound in time. However, the old man didn't turn his back on the mankind and took little Kolya under his wing. Could it be because of his own angel character, hidden deep inside of him and only now discovered?

Have you ever got lost in your life? And did you have your own angel standing by you? Or have you lost all faith in the rushed age of nowadays?


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