Mírové Square

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North Bohemia


Mírové Square

A late Baroque church in the middle of a cobblestone square. The tranquility of a small town is silently guarded by the gable houses, and is suddenly disturbed by vehicles of modern military technique. The Soviet troops have just arrived.

Demonstration of the military force of the occupation army in the midst of the smallest Czech protected area. An asynchrony. Just like František Louka's life in the film Kolya. Then suddenly, like a fragment of hope, a found piece of jewelry glints in the eaves. Disappointment follows, as the jewel proves to be a worthless trinket. It is beautiful, though - is it really worthless? A matter of point of view.

Have a cup of coffee and watch the square out the window, as if you were sitting in an old-world room of Stella Zázvorková, Louka's mother. What do you see? A picturesque square? A small-town withdrawal?


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