Wenceslas Square – Velvet Revolution

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Wenceslas Square – Velvet Revolution

The statue of St. Wenceslas is watching with dignity over Prague's city centre rush. It almost seems as if it was guarding the still visible bullet holes in the brickwork of the National Museum, the footprint of the former Soviet occupation. What better place was there for Louka and the other demonstrators to go jingle their keys?

Jingled keys - people's message to the communists. The crowd chanting phrases like "Freedom for Christmas" and "End of the government of one party!" That was Wenceslas Square back in November 1989. The square has changed its appearance many times throughout history. Significant transformations took place also after the Velvet Revolution. In the Oscar-winning film Kolya, the documenting black-and-white scene puts emphasis on the shabbiness of the aged buildings.

The square has bloomed since the demonstration days of the late 1980's, with flowers and plants, and repaired and colourful facades. Most of the flimsy food stands have disappeared. Display windows of luxury shops are luring their customers. The post-revolutionary Wenceslas Square, familiarly called "Václavák" by the Czechs, has become a place of election campaign meetings, cultural events and charity happenings, attracting the citizens of Prague and tourists alike.


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