Vinohrady cemeteries

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Vinohrady cemeteries

The Vinohrady cemeteries. A final resting place. An oasis of calm. Sometimes even a jobs market.

The protagonist of Kolya takes us to one of the saddest places imaginable. Even at the height of summer the broad crowns of stout trees provide cool shade. The quiet nostalgia of wilting flowers surrounds rows of simple tombs, grandiose monuments and genuine sculptural gems.

Louka, in debt, is reluctant to accept an offer of a job that should resolve his financial difficulties. But is the opportunity really the light in the darkness? It buries all prospects of an easy life “in the bounds of possibility”. The hopelessness of his situation is resolved by the Velvet Revolution… Will you find among the others the tomb of the family of the first post-revolutionary president, Václav Havel?


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