Chateau Velké Losiny

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Witches' Hammer

Moravia and Silesia

Chateau Velké Losiny

The walls in the vault muffle voices screaming of pain, begging for mercy. The pitiful bodies are no longer human beings. Cruel torture has broken them; all they wish for now is to be set free. One floor above them, the devilish inquisitor Boblig is having a feast with the lady of Losiny. The witch-hunt begins.

Chateau Velké Losiny was the residence of both fictional and real inquisitor Boblig. According to preserved forced confessions, which he himself used to choose for the accused, Boblig was of exceptionally sadistic nature, hungry for power and fortune. False trials with alleged helpers of the Devil allowed him to get rid of influential and wealthy people, and confiscate their property.

The infamous history of the chateau and the mesmeric genius loci apparently inspires stories of the darkest pages of the past and human nature. It was also one of the settings for director Jakub Jakubisko in his historical drama Bathory.


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