St. Lawrence Church

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St. Lawrence Church

This is where it all started. An old woman and folk superstitions. Fatal misunderstanding, a witch stigma and the first victim. The wheel of senseless cruelty started to spin and the St. Lawrence Church still stands here as a silent witness.

Let's transport back in time. Around 1678, a mass was held on Palm Sunday. A housewife from the nearby village Vernířovice promised a local starving beggar a cup of peas if she stole sacramental host for her. The housewife's cow wouldn't give milk and it was said that host can cure various diseases. However, the beggar named Marina was caught red-handed and the infamous witch trials erupted.

Although you won't see St. Lawrence's Church in the film Witches' Hammer, make sure to include it in your to-do-and-visit list. The film extract can help you imagine the place of local witch trials that took place here. A secret for the end - the church appearing in the film is called Church of St. James the Greater (sv. Jakuba Vyššího), and can be found in Kunratice near Prague, on Kostelní Square.


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