Velké Losiny - Memorial

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Witches' Hammer

Moravia and Silesia

Velké Losiny - Memorial

A simple stone prism and a black board listing the 38 names of those misfortunate enough to have had their life paths crossed with the ruthless inquisitor Boblig. A silent memory of events that are beyond sane comprehension.

In the Spa Gardens in Velké Losiny, you'll find a monument standing here nowadays to commemorate the grim era of the witch trials. Nearly forty people found unjust death here between 1679 and 1686.

Director Otakar Vávra chose a different location for filming the executions, to give a truer picture of the historical background. Due to its powerful narrative and the visual depiction of the creepy atmosphere of fear and despair, the film had for long been a thorn in the flesh of censorship. The critics back in the day saw a metaphor of Stalinism of the 1950's in the story, and the film Witches' Hammer was kept in a safe for many years.


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