Peter's Rocks

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Witches' Hammer

Moravia and Silesia

Peter's Rocks

The belief in magic and the supernatural has always been tied to the human desire of understanding the world. There are places where the presence of something intangible is undisputed. The air seems to be vibrating, spreading strange energy.

Peter's Rocks is one of the places to which countless legends and myths are bound. According to the confessions of those who were accused of teaming up with the devil, wild witches' Sabbaths took place on Peter's Rocks once a year. It is said that during Walpurgis Night (April 30), Satan himself was present. He would mark all his servants with a devil's sign, which the inquisitors then looked for conscientiously. And they always found it.

Today, Peter's Rocks are part of a natural preserve and the setting of alleged witch gatherings is not open to the public. You can have a look at it from a marked trail, leading over the ridge between Praděd and the saddle Skřítek.


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