St. Catherine's Church

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Sekal Has to Die

East Bohemia


St. Catherine's Church

If you're fond of architecture and churches, you won't be bored in Varvažov. Apart from churches, you can also admire the folk architecture that is trying to maintain its original appearance. The people of Varvažov are well aware of the village's film glory and they keep preserving the tradition.

A small village in South Bohemia was used for filming a drama set in the fruitful region of Haná. It was perhaps the flatland, the vast grain fields and the blue skies that inspired director Vladimír Michálek in setting his film story here.

When looking at St. Catherine’s Church, you can't help yourself expecting actor Jiří Bartoška in his role of priest to come out. Did you know that the exact same soutane he's wearing was worn by Bolek Polívka as priest Holý a year later during filming Forgotten Light? History keeps repeating and the film camera keeps rolling.


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