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Sekal Has to Die

East Bohemia



There are times when neighbours meet for a pint of beer, their only concern being the future harvest and the weather. Then come days when the situation changes drastically, and nothing is balanced out. These are times of difficulties and complications, and are shown in the film Sekal Has to Die from the period of WW II and the Protectorate.

The poetics of the countryside asks for visual portrayal, especially on a hot summer day, when sunshine mingles with sultriness before the upcoming storm. As the atmosphere in the village rises with temperature, the masks of its people slowly come down, and everything seems to be coming to an inevitable end.

There isn't time for friendly get-togethers over beer in troubled times, since the pub turns into a shelter for plotters. They want to get rid of a dangerous neighbour who falsely turns others in for their possessions. After you've taken a stroll around the village, get a beer in the pub, the local regulars will tell you about the film shoot. When you pass the pond, remember the farmers who were plotting against Sekal.


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