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Sekal Has to Die

East Bohemia



Does it feel like going back in time? No wonder. The castle Varvažov still looks the way it did when Sekal challenged local smith Baran to a fight. Only the post box was perhaps missing in the film.

At the castle in Varvažov, you can breathe in the atmosphere of a rich farmers' village. The reconstructed building complex used to serve farming purposes in the past, which is apparent from its architecture. The castle belonged to the Knights of Malta for many years, and is today bound to the Schwanzenberg family, thanks to which many castles and chateaux have been preserved in this part of South Bohemia. If you're interested in the film history of this noble family line, visit the nearby castle Zvíkov, used in the series The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Musketeers.


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