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Sekal Has to Die

East Bohemia



Propitiatory crosses bear symbolic value. They refer equally to the punishment as they do to redemption. Yet some people remain irreconcilable.

When you walk from the square in Varvažov to the neighbouring village Nevězice, after roughly half a kilometre you'll find a turn left onto the first back road. This was where a duel between two men took place, each one protecting one pole of morality. It was this scene of their fight, with blue skies and the golden fields of grain that brought the film Sekal Must Die comparison to the fatality of American westerns.

You won't find a cross standing here today, it was installed as a backdrop for the struggle between the blacksmith Baran and the sour Sekal. It's said that the producer of the film had the surrounding fields sowed with a special kind of grain to reach specific contrast between the yellow ears and the sky azure.


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